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Beans reserves all rights to an invite only based user list, and also reserves the right to suspend or terminate an account for not adhering to the policy of the website. By using the product during alpha or beta testing, you agree that your monetary balance that you have earned from Beans can be terminated or reset when the product transitions to final release for global launch.

  • "our method to madness"

    Beans is a Market-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform.

    From marketing to sales to analytics — the entire experience of a real market — delivered.

  • real articles

    real dollars.

    Every article you read earns you real money.

    In a matter of minutes.

    Information Trading Environment

    Write your article and send it out to custom targeted audiences. Add a product to sell with it, if you want.


    For the first time, a service which lets you incentivize your audience. DIRECTLY, in the form of real dollars.

    Marketing and sales — integrated.


    read, reap, repeat!


    the entire world

    at your fingertips

    (we are a mobile-first platform)

  • define it.

    defend it.

    We are attempting a paradigm shift from a Low-Frequency-High-Value (LFHV) based marketing approach to a High-Frequency-Low-Value (HFLV) model.


    Basically, instead of spending millions of dollars on one campaign (which you can totally do on Beans if you so desire), we encourage you to spend small amounts and launch multiple campaigns by iterating quickly based on the analytics. To top it off, spend less and earn more by selling your product right within your article with just a click.

    Why HFLV is a better paradigm?

    Consider this. The feedback cycle of the concept is astronomically low, by design. This enables a publisher to iterate quickly and re-launch in a matter of minutes instead of weeks or months.
    High-Frequency-Low-Value (HFLV) also enables you to enhance your sales by using a custom marketing experience for different targeted audiences. And it's so simple and cost effective to publish that everyone, not just companies, can start publishing and experience the awesome power of an entire market right at your fingertips.

  • Earn money by reading engaging content.

    In just a few minutes.

    Swipe to navigate to next article. Tap to read. Shuffle if you want to reload the deck.

    Publish using Live Preview

    Our foundations are based on Markdown, which is the standard in text based web publishing.

    Set a timer (the little green bar on the top) on your article to ensure a minimum duration of interaction from each customer before paying.

  • Custom marketing for every audience

    The ability to quickly iterate and use insights lets you direct custom marketing material to every audience.

    Because, at the heart of it all, we are all unique.

  • cash out.


    The money you earn by reading articles can be used as a discount on the products you buy within the platform. Or, you can cash it out.

    Your money, your call.

    We are diligently working on making this feature a reality. The plan is to roll it out as a Beta feature by the next coming year.

  • The Ecosystem

    We need your help to build this entire ecosystem.

    The Concept

    Let’s assume two players. A publisher, and a reader. You are the reader, because, you like to read online right? Well, who doesn’t? So, that’s it. That’s the entire concept! You read what somebody else publishes. And other people read what you publish. And everybody gets paid for reading and charged for publishing, hence, creating an ecosystem, a market of sorts, if you will.


    We call it the Information Trading Environment, or ITE for short. 

    Confused? Let me explain. So, a publisher publishes some interesting content, say a blog or an article or a video maybe. He wants you to interact with it and he’s willing to pay for it! So, for about a few seconds to minutes of your attention where you read an article or watch a video, you get paid in real time.

    Who can read?

    Anybody! Being a consumer is what comes to us naturally, just by virtue of being human. We wish to leverage that value and be able to deliver on two fronts — real dollar amounts as incentive and good quality material to read.


    You get to read a whole array of content — technology, business, politics, art, culture, travel — while also getting to interact with the services and products you use and like. You spend just a few minutes per article, and get paid in real time for your interaction. It's that simple!

    Who can publish?

    Again, anybody! Not just companies and people who want to blog or market. We aim towards the legendary 1:1 ratio of readers to publishers. Basically, we want everybody to be able to publish whatever it is that they want to share with the world.


    Over the next few years, our mission is to reach this ambitious goal and make it increasingly easier for a user to be able to publish.

  • join us

    Currently we are alpha testing the product.

    We invite you to sign up to secure your spot on the waitlist since we'll have very limited spots for the public launch.


    If you'd like to sign up for being an alpha tester instead, please visit